Thursday, October 12, 2006

The secret to skyrocketing your success

I just finished speaking with top ranked UFC fighter, David “The Crow” Loiseau. We spoke about training of course, but most of all, we spoke heavily on mind set and how to create the winning mind set that separates you from the rest of the pack.

Check out David's site at

Yes, this is the same stuff I speak of in The Ultimate Underground Strength Kit – get your copy here:

Although David lost his last 2 fights, he is a completely different fighter now that he has begun applying his mind set training. These are only a few small methods you must apply to get that extra edge.

It’s always tough to explain because the results that you get are so freakin’ powerful, that my words simply never do justice. I use these methods now for achieving success through my own business and in any other aspect in life I choose.

That’s right, whatever I choose to become successful in is what I become successful in! You can achieve the same, only if you’re willing to walk the walk. You can’t just follow these methods blindly and aimlessly with no real heart and soul put forward. This stuff requires your absolute faith in if it is to work.

I guarantee you will not be unsatisfied with your results. Go to NOW and change your life forever.

How about NOW what be a good time to make that change?


Training Smart vs Training Hard

I’ll never forget my days of competition when I felt outworking my competition was the way to go. Rest days, off days, relaxing – these were the enemy and would do nothing to take me to the top I felt.

I was dead wrong!

Combat sports is brutal on the body and the mind. Your biggest and most critical skill to learn and eventually master is that of listening to your body.

By close buddy and a mentor to me, Jason Ferruggia is about to release a new book on training for combat athletes where I address this heavily. I know that this info can easily and quickly skyrocket your performance in combat.

The basic premise is to simply train according to your personal energy levels, physically and mentally. Don’t argue with the body when it feels run down and beat down. If you try to do what your body does not want to do, you’re likely to be injured.

Injuries are messages your body sends you, basically telling you, “Stop f**ing kicking my a**, I am already exhausted.” If you refuse to listen then your body will force you to listen through injuries.

So learn to train smart and hard, it is this powerful combination which will keep you healthy and speed up your gains in conditioning and overall performance!


My wrestlers have been doing a boat load of sled work. The other day one of them asked me if the workout he finished was tough. I asked him how he felt and he felt it was not too hard, mainly because there was no sled training involved.

The work you do off the mat is different than what you do on the mat. Don’t try to make your performance workouts feel like your grappling workouts.

Your goal off the mat is to improve weak areas, develop greater strength, power and overall conditioning and work capacity.

Just because you didn’t feel like throwing up doesn’t mean it was a useless workout! It’s all about training smart, and that’s what you’ll be guided through at



PS – I have been receiving tons of e mail questions regarding training. I appreciate them all but unfortunately I can not answer them all individually.

PPS – The best way to contact me is through the Underground forum, at

PPPS – A lot of people also ask me if my daughter is throwing kettlebells around yet. First she will use the sled, then the kettlebells! Come on everyone, get it straight! Ha ha – Seriously, I am floored by all the e mails I have gotten asking about my baby girl. Thank you sincerely!


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