Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More success awaits you with these tips!

Whether you are a competitive athlete or not, have you used the power of emotions and visualization? I covered these methods in my latest Underground Strength Kit.


These methods work even if you are not a competitive athlete. Let’s say you are trying to achieve a personal record lifting a certain weight in the deadlift, or completing a circuit in less time than ever before.

Maybe you’re trying to add more muscle or burn more fat.

I use these methods of feeling and envisioning from my future to improve the success of my business. I WISH I knew how to apply these methods when I was competing, especially in high school. Thinking “what if” sucks, and that’s the bottom line. I've been there, done that and don't ever plan on going back to those days, EVER AGAIN!

But, I have trained my mind as frequently as my body in the past few years and it has proven to me that the mind can control and attract what it focuses on most.

I’ll never forget when I was 19, I was going through a serious personal slump. This slump took a good 6 months to get out of, but, looking back at that time proved to me this: For 6 months I merely existed, I wasn’t alive at all.

For 6 months, no matter how hard I trained, my results were NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING!

Once I got out of that rut and began to apply the techniques of feeling and visualizing my success I gained 12 lbs in about 2 weeks! My body flourished with results all because of my mind!

If you’re letting your mind get the best of you in the wrong ways, you have the power to change things NOW! In fact, NOW is always a time you can take action. What will change tomorrow or the next time around or in one month?

Nothing will change except you might be buried deeper in your slump!

Check this out. If you’re into technology, this will be straight up your alley. Regardless, it’s all about the mind, which 99 % of the time is the missing link to one’s success:

To your success,


PS – If you’re serious about your success in any way, shape or form, then go here now:

PPS – How about NOW would be a good time to take action?


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