Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just when you thought you were.....

Just when you think you’re in shape you get an ass whoopin’ and realize you’re not. Maybe your conditioning is down or maybe your legs gave out on you…maybe your shoulders, arms and grip wore out and you couldn’t even hold on to your opponent for dear life anymore.


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This is why Underground training is so important. The use of odd objects and NO Rules training attacks the body from odd angles that free weights simply don’t allow.

Sandbag training is especially key because every movement involves the grip and pretty much the entire body. You must always rip the bag off the ground to start the movement which makes every set a full body exercise for at least 1 rep!

Those first reps add up to a lot of power training!

I’ve been training in fields solo and with clients for a long time now, and we never have a problem finding objects on the ground to use for training. I’ll bring a sandbag and maybe a sled, and from there we attack Mother Nature with fury and use what we can to develop our bodies into granite hard machines!

Stones for strength, picnic tables for muscular endurance, fences for climbing and strengthening the grip and hands while adding flexibility to the lower body! The opportunities are endless, and you’ll see what I’m talking about when you get your hands on The Underground Strength Kit at

I have used backyards for training clients on a regular basis. I can’t tolerate the indoors with beautiful weather staring my in the face through a window of sunshine! Heck, even in the winter I love the fresh air, so I get out to a playground, bring a rope and crank out endless pull up variations with more combative bodyweight drills if I have a partner insane enough to hang.

I use the combative bodyweight drills with my grapplers when we train indoors. They love it and the results are well worth the buckets of sweat! Nothing compares to mastering your own body and learning just how far you can push your body when using only bodyweight drills.

It’s amazing how muscles get worked in such a challenging manner without adding external resistance, simply by changing angles! You’ll see a boat load of combative bodyweight drills that you can use with a partner, and these are priceless for someone Coaching a grappling team, regardless of age!

The old school ways of boring bodyweight drills are gonna get thrown out the window ASAP once you the crazy sh*t I’m talking about!

Until the next time,
Stay tough!


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