Saturday, October 21, 2006

You're Missing Out and Combative Drills for You!

Training is as much mental as it is physical. Not only are training sessions tough, but, they also take away time from what most of your friends are doing. Most of us are NOT like our friends.

Our friends enjoy the normal life, going to work, coming home, watching TV, sleeping in.

Someone like yourself might come home from work, or head from work straight to BJJ, then finally get home.

You need to get that mental edge that allows you to do what others are not willing to do so you can become the success you want! Success comes from upstairs, the mind – the mind must be trained in the correct manner, and visualization is only part of the equation!

This is easier than you think, if you take the time to learn about it and do it regularly. Perfect practice is what makes perfect, nothing less!

You’ll discover the mental training tips we use in our Ultimate Underground Strength Kit, found at – Or, get your extra $ 15 discount as a member of Underground Strength Coach!


Look what someone wrote in at Elite Fts about our Underground Strength Kit (more testimonials can be found by going to

From: Scott Cochrane

A comment for Zach Even-Esh:

I got your underground package and just want to say great stuff . A gold mine of ideas and new and FUN mvmts. I've gone thru a cycle of sandbag loading (onto the Reverse hyper w/a twisting motion) right into a clean and shouldering , then to step ups . I suck at one leg mvmts , so these have really hit a weakness . The fun (?) part is to do them right after DE squats or on ME lower day . But the returns have been worth the pain .
Thanks ,Scott


To Scott and everyone else who has written in about The Underground Strength Kit – they have one thing that is dead on, and that’s the fact that this style of training is more FUN than any other style of training you have ever experienced.

You don’t need kettlebells, sandbags, sleds or anything else to make killer use of Underground training. You’ll discover this in your FREE Bonus manual where I show countless combative bodyweight drills that you can do with your partner. If you train or Coach combative athletes, you need to get this FREE Bonus manual in your hands!

I use these same movements every time I visit the top wrestling clubs in NJ to get in a** kicking workouts for these young Grapplers. When I train groups at the field, we also include some of these combative drills.

You can’t deny the power of bodyweight training which is TRUE weight lifting! The great thing is you’ve got to battle against a person who is moving all around which makes this a much closer resemblance to combat itself!

Next time you’ve got a partner try these two movements:

1) partner zercher carry
2) wheel barrow walking – I said it before and I’ll say it again, we walk on our feet all day and our legs bear the grunt of the effort, start walking on your hands for only a few minutes a day every day and watch your upper body strength, size, conditioning and power shoot through the roof, guaranteed!


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Stay tough till the next time,


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