Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some people NEVER get "It", but You can!

Some people go through training and never seem to make any gains. No kidding…

I remember when I was a member on and off to a local gym. I started at age 14 and I remembered all the faces when I went back around age 20 or so.

I saw the majority of the same guys who never changed a bit. They didn’t gain any muscle or get any stronger!

To me, that’s a freakin’ waste of time, money and YEARS! Literally, they spent years in that gym and never progressed an ounce!

I returned to the gym looking like a different person. I must have gained 60 lbs from the time I was 14 until age 20!

Unfortunately, guys like that are the same guys who aren't willing to make the changes necessary to achieve success. I was willing to do whatever was required to become a success, are you?

Are you going to stand for being the guy who never achieves success, or never achieves any results?

Have you gone for months, or possibly years without results?

If I were you I would take a stand, and decide whether or not you merely want to exist, or to grow. Growth is the natural process of life. If you do not progress, you do not grow and subsequently you can't truly say you are "alive".

Or, are you going to take action and get your hands on the information that GUARANTEES results?


You are ready for success, aren’t you?

Ask me about the Gorilla. You’ll get your hands on these Underground Manuals, the DVD and the no holds barred audio interviews sooner or later, anyway.


Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even – Esh

PS – You can’t afford to miss out on the 5 bonuses valued at $ 479, or can you?


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