Thursday, December 14, 2006

"He's as strong as a Silver Back"....

This is how Erik Paulson described Jon Hinds, owner of Monkey Bar Gym, back when he met Jon.

Jon is someone who believes in "Natural" training, and after you chat with Jon a few times you will open up your mind to a new world of training ideas!

I am a lover of bodyweight movements, but speaking with Jon makes me realize that I should truly emphasizing the "moving" part of training.

I feel free and in a clear state of mind when I get outdoors and move like an animal.

Climbing up and down stairs in the bear crawl position (especially down) is awesome for the full body work, especially the shoulders and upper back.

Using monkey bars for hand and grip strength, pull ups, hand walking, inverted sit ups, hanging leg raises and endless pull up - leg raise combos.

This is completely different than rowing a barbell or dumbbell and is a great (I personally feel it is a must have) addittion to your overall program.

Working these styles of training together will improve conditioning and overall athleticism.

Just watch what kids do at the playground and soon you'll be armed with an outdoor workout suited to challenge you big time: various pulls on monkey bars, tons of jumping and landings, pole climbing, sprints and more!

Get out of the weight room and onto the playground to get moving like an animal. You won't get ''Animal" strength without it!

dedicated to your success,

zach even - esh

PS - Cold weather or not, get outdoors and breathe in the fresh air!

PPS - on Tuesday, we are hosting the first ever, members only USC Teleseminar. Only the first 98 will get on this call but members will also get the replay. Hope to hear you on the line next Tuesday!


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