Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where have all the good times gone?

(Photo above, courtsey of Power Development Inc. Gym, http://powerdevelopmentinc.com)

OK, the good times are still going strong here!

At least in my garage they are, and many other Underground gyms.

You see, around 1994 fancy, pretty gyms started to take over and Underground gyms slowly disappearred.

What happened was that these serious lifters said "screw it", instead they went ahead and set up shop in their garage, basement or even their back yard!

I am one of these men....they thought we could be killed off and scared off, not so....

Instead, all we needed was a heavy barbell, some heavy dumbbells and any other heavy 'stuff" we could get our hands on.

Kegs filled with water, massive stones found in the woods and back yards, axles with car tires, sandbags and climbing ropes.

Now we're taking over, and we're assembling together...creating gyms together, products for other hard core athletes and opportunities for meeting and expanding our power.

The fancy gyms are not lasting like they used to, there is a hunger for "Old school" training and gaining serious strength.

It's time for the men and women of strength to come out and show the world that the human body was meant to be strong!

Who's coming with me?!?!?

See you at The Underground!


PS - test drive The Underground for one week for only $ 1:



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