Friday, February 02, 2007

Your Missing Link is what?

What is your missing link stopping you from progress...progress that you really want?

I have easily pinpointed a few from my own experiences and through Coaching and speaking with others.

Problem 1:

Not enough quality food, especially skipping of breakfast.

Don't be a whiner, stop telling me you don't have an appetite in the morning. Shut up and eat! Scrambled eggs and oatmeal is great.

Another favorite of mine is 3 - 4 whole eggs mixed in with rice (after the rice has been cooked). This is a great tasting meal.

In general, the meals spread through your day should look like this:

1) breakfast
2) lunch
3) mid afternoon
4) dinner
5) late evening

that's 5 meals in one day and if you're highly active feel free to eat more, as long as the foods are wholesome and clean - not processed crap.

Dedication applies to everything, not just training.

Eat like a bird, you'll look like a bird....AND perform like crap.

Problem 2...

You don't train hard...

I didn't say hard enough, I said "hard" - most people are scared to train hard. It takes gut busting work to get stronger and faster. Get the job done and test yourself mentally and physically. There is no way around this one.

Problem 3....

Not enough ground based - full body movements

Too many athletes train with movements that allow them to sit down, lay down or be locked into some machine.

Not very challenging and not very effective for improving joint stability and "intellgience" - free weights, bodyweight and ground based movements prep the body much better for athletics than machines and sitting / laying movements.

Sure, the various bench press variations work great but you're missing out big time if you don't perform standing presses, standing overhead work, bent over rowing (as opposed to seated rows and pull downs), squats and deadlifts (as opposed to leg presses and leg extensions)...

catch my drift?

dedication to your success must come from all angles,
now you know what must be done, it's nothing fancy, but it is freakin' hard!

I hope you're ready!

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh

PS - if you are ready, then check this out:


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