Friday, February 09, 2007

The Underground Strength Kit available

Yes, it's true, we just released The Underground Strength Kit in a downloadable format



What does this mean for you?

- Instant access baby!

- Instead of getting the Sled DVD, we replaced that badboy with a 2 part interview with my good friendRobert McKee.

Robert will take you behind the walls and into thedeadly arena of one of California's mostdangerous prisons - where he stayed for over 6 months,and rehabbed his mind and body back to healththrough bodyweight training, meditation andother shocking methods which can not berevealed here!



Oh, and one more thing....

The normal cost of this is climbing near $ 200,but they are flying off the shelves likeshovels in Alaska!

I'll be raising the price of the hard copy,but you can get in on this low, low,looooooooow price and special dealwe've managed for you, especiallyif you're an Underground member!



It's more than 1/2 off the price of the physical product!

Get in while the gettin' is good!

See you at The Underground!


PS - Yes, this will be the most powerfultrianing weapon you've ever gottenyour hands on.

PPS - Train others with these methods, or trainyourself, who ever gets exposed to this stuffis going to freighten people!




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