Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Underground Wrestlers Doin' Damage!

Last weekend while I was away in Ohio for The Arnold Sports Fest wrestlers around the country were competing in the state tournament, at least those who qualified.

In NJ, qualifying for the state tournament is a feat in itself, let alone placing. NJ has consistently churned out some of the best wrestlers in the country, many have gone on to become D 1 All Americans and National Champions.

Last weekend all 5 of our wrestlers qualified for the states and 4 took home medals.

Tom Hogan qualified for states and is only a sophomore. He did not place but he did win one match in Atlantic City. Next year he will be doing major damage as an upper classmen!

Charlie Frankel, only a junior placed 7th, and next year will be one heck of a year for this highly dedicated wrestler! Charlie didn't even qualify for states last year and this year he shocked a lot of people!

TJ Mitchell placed 5th and will be heading to university to wrestle. Last year TJ didn't place and during the off season TJ beat several state placers from NJ and Pa.! At 125 lbs, this kid trains harder than anyone and is stronger than a Mack Truck! It's frightening to see what he does to other kids on the mat with his amazing strength and power!

Chris Orzechowksi, also did not qualify last year. This year, Chris beat many state placers and went on to place 7th in the state! Chris's power and strength was a big shock (and problem) for many opponents and he will continue at The Underground as he preps for college wrestling!

Jimmy Beshada, a long time Underground member placed 2nd in the state! Bull dozing his way to the finals Jimmy had a tough final match and will continue his training here as he preps for wrestling in The Merchant Marines. Jimmy will continue his domination as he enters collegiate wrestling and not many will be able to keep up with this man's work ethic!

Dan White, a former Underground member dorms at his prep school, but, with the support of his father and reading Underground Strength Coach daily, Dan uses Kettlebells, heavy bags and Underground methods to bring him to his 3rd National Prep Title, and still has next year left as a senior to garner a 4th title!

Check out Dan's highlight video below....

Congrats to all the beasts of The Underground!

Watch out because next year Underground athletes will be tearing up the collegiate Wrestling AND Football scene!

I'll update soon enough on our Football players!


Zach Even - Esh

PS - If you want the Bible of Underground training, click Here now. It's all my Underground methods for developing beasts!


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