Tuesday, March 20, 2007

72 hour Spring Sale at Combat Grappler

Spring Sale at Combat Grappler / Underground Strength

I LOVE Spring time,absolutely love it!

Today is the first day of Spring!

You know what that means, right?It means time to get out and tearit up, Underground style!

I tear sh*t up when this warm weather comes around and my athletes do as well!

After 3 - 4 months of staying indoors, I am stir crazy to get outand train the way training is supposed to be done!

It also means making sureyou are doing it also.

If you have seen the way the guysare built in the movie '300', you know what the effects are of Undergroundtraining!

You have likely seen the training videos of them on you tubeas they train at Gym Jones, an Undergrounders heaven!
Here's what you can get in the next 72 hrs.

Friday, the 23rd, at 7 AM, the sale is over (sorry, procrastinators will be left out and left behind this time).

Everything is on sale, and I am not being stingy either, you will be saving BIG bucks, just see for yourself below:

Oh, and because membership has its priviliges, you'll see that the web site does not show the reduced price.

The reduced prices are seen at check out. I don't want outsiders or wannabees getting in on all the stock before my list gets first priority,which is how it always is.

It's time to go Underground, are you ready to cross over and never look back?


Ultimate Combat Kit

regular price: 397

your price: 297


Ultimate Underground Strength Kit E Book

regular price: 97

your price: 67


Ultimate Underground Strength Kit - Hard Copy regular price: 167

your price: 97


Ancient Training for Modern Day Gladiators

regular price: 37

your price: 27


Hard Core Kettlebell Blue Print

regular price: 39.99

your price 29


MMA Experts Hard Copyregular price: 67

your price: 47


The choice is yours....

My Underground methods have transformed countless lives, physically, spiritually and mentally.

The results have shocked others, scared others and kicked the sh*t out of others.

Take advantage of the Spring sale and treat yourself to the best time you ever had training!

Until then, stay tough!

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh



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