Monday, March 19, 2007

The Best of the Best Finally Meet!

Our Underground store keeps growing and growing, and that's because we want to bring you the best of the best out there.

MMA Experts is now "in the house" with 9 power packed interviews, plus 2 bonus interviews!

Now, if you were to try to snag some "consult time" with any of these experts, you're looking at forking over more than 200 buckaroos.

What if I told you that as an Underground member you can get this bad a** e book for less than 30 bucks?

Yes, you can call me crazy, zach, you won't be the first...or the last :)

Bottom line is this:

Even if you are not a combat athlete, the information that these 11 experts reveal will rock your world and send your training progress to a whole new level that you've never experienced before.

You'd love that wouldn't you, zach? Of course you would :)

Don't miss out on the expert info from myself, jason c brown, mike fry, steve cotter, bill hartman, jon hinds and more....this is the best of the best being brough together for under thirty bucks....

call me crazy, fine, but, do something about it before I come to my wits for once!

See you at The Underground!

Dedicated to your success,

Zach Even - Esh

PS - To access your special Underground discount don't forget to log in :)


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