Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why is Zach Even - Esh So Busy or Do You Want In?

Yes, it's no secret, I am always busy, and I'm always working at NOT being busy!

So, many of you have experienced my delay in responses to e mails, noting my autoresponse which states that I only check e mail twice a week.

Can you guess one reason why I'm busy?

Look at the picture....take a guess :)

I'll be looking for someone who is hungry and wants to learn from me. No, this is not a job, it's an internship.

You'll have to be tough off the bat, because one of the best ways to learn is by DOING!

So YES, You WILL train with our athletes to learn our methods, you WILL get your hands dirty, sweat bullets and work like a BEAST!

If all goes well, you might have the opportunity to get a JOB, and yes, that means dinero while doing what you love, having a blast and learning a boat load!

Stay tuned for details on the first ever Underground Strength Coach Internship!

Till then,



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