Monday, June 25, 2007

Muscle Gaining Secrets? Yep!

There are some guys out there who have been "under the bar" for years on end, more than half their life, sweating buckets and buckets, trying every workout program, every supplement and every program ever touted as "The One".

My buddy, fellow NJ homeboy Jason Ferruggia has freaked me out, and many others, with his latest e book, Muscle Gaining Secrets.

So, I've known Jay for a few years now and we've become good buddies.

But, to be honest, we REALY had a kick ass time when we partied in NYC one night, and then the entire drive home we were talking training.

Jay REALLY woke me up to the "secrets" that I had been missing out on for MANY years.

The difference was, I had been training myself since age 13, a good 18 years already! Jay started around the same time, but, when he was 21 he was already training clients, and I'm not talking a handful of clients, he has been in the trenches for over a decade training somewhere around 60 - 75 athletes each day, 6 days a week!

He KNOWS what works and what doesn't work, and he doesn't care if he pisses people off, calling them on the fancy BULL SH*T that they often reccomend.

He's the kind of guy that you've been waiting to hear from, because he cuts through the BS and gets straight to the point!

Do you have time to waste on the crap? No, you don't and you KNOW that you want to find a program and methods that have been proven to work.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that in the next 3 days Jay is giving away a boat load of bonuses, one of which is mine, NEVER before released e book on FREAK STRENGTH, which you will LOVE!

Guys like Jay and myself are very similar, there's NO B.S. going on, it's straight to the point about what works, what doesn't work, and how can you get there faster than ever before.

This e book is THE REAL DEAL!

If you want results, and who the heck doesn't, then check it out and get your hands on all the EXTRA bonuses as well.

Until the next time,

stay strong!


PS - I just read the bonus with Jim Wendler and listened to the audio with Jay where Craig Ballantyne interrogates him. This stuff is priceless, I know you're gonna love it!

Check it out by Clicking HERE


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