Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Two Important Reminders

Two reminders for you regarding a telefundraiser

and the upcoming Underground Kettlebell Seminar:

1) I will be taking part on a callthis Monday, a very important call...

It is a tele-seminar where all of the
proceeds will
go to Trekking for Kids…

Here is where you can find out more...

I hope to hear you on the call!


2) The Underground Kettlebell Seminar
is filling up fast!!

I am allowing 15 participants in, and 8 have registered already.
That leaves the door open for 7 more,


the early bird dicount ends Monday morning
as soon as I wake up.

I'm a Dad with a 10 month old girl,
I can assure you I am waking up early
Monday morning!

If you missed the FAQ's
I sent out Tuesday regarding the
kettlebell seminar, please see

If you already read them, feel free
to skip them and check out
the Underground Kettlebell workout
I have for you at the bottom.

It will help you get ready for some
of the training you'll all be doing
on Saturday, July 14th!



I've gotten a lot of requests asking me what I plan on covering at the Underground Kettlebell seminar.

So here are the popularquestions / FAQ's:

1) What will the seminar cover?

ANSWER: The seminar is focusing in onRussian Kettlebell training.

I prefer to create the seminar according to the needs of the participants.

I have a outline of what is critical and important for learning and I always shape the masterpiece according to what you need and what you ask for.

The goal is to ensure that you leave the seminar feeling that I have addressed all of your questions and concerns.

2) Do I need experience in training with Kettlebells to attend?

ANSWER: Not at all. The basics are often way underrated so if anyone comes with experience they can always use a refresher.

By the time the seminar is over you will feel VERY good about using Kb's on your own, guaranteed or your money back PLUS an extra fifty dollars.

I guarantee satisfaction, all the time,every time.


3) Do I need to bring my ownKettlebells?

ANSWER: Nope, we have about thirty Kb's here ranging anywhere from 36 lbs to 88 lbs.

We have pairs of all weights so youwill be able to learn single handed and double kettlebell movements.


4) If I'm traveling, where can i stay?

ANSWER: There is a great hotel 1/2 mileup the road and they have shuttle service.

The hotel link is located at our web site page at:


A few miles away is downtown New Brunswick,home of Rutgers University.

And yes, I'll help guide you to the best restaurants....and bars :)

5) When does the seminar end?
There is no end time on your web site.

ANSWER: I did not place the end timebecause sometimes a seminar endsearlier or later than expected.

It all depends on the pace we move at and every group moves differently.
Regardless, we will kick serious a** all day, have an awesome time with lots of laughter, some pain,and endless learning that you have never experienced before.

This will NOT be your ordinary seminar, I can assure you of that!


Well, that covers the FAQ's and I hope to see you at the first seminar to ever be held at the USC Gym!

You're gonna love this place when you see it!


Your Underground Kettlebell Workout...

** Some preparatory work for the seminar **

First, warm up as you feel necessary

All you need is one Kettlebell for the workout.

Performed at a playground is best because we want access to open space and a pull up bar.

The Workout:

1A) 1 arm Kb clean & press 3 x 5 each

1B) mixed grip pull ups 3 x max reps

2A) 2 hand Kb walking lunge 3 x 8 each

2B) 2 hand Kb walking swings 3 x 8

3A) 1 arm Kb row 3 x 15 each

3B) walk over push ups on KB 3 x 10

Just wait till July 14th when you're rockin' the house with me at the Kb seminar!

Your workouts will become:

1) MORE Fun!

2) MORE Effective!

3) MORE Challenging! (Yes, this stuff requires work!)

I KNOW you're ready to have a kick a** time so cruise on over to The Underground and get readyfor an awesome day like never before!

Oh yea, save yourself some dinero and sign up before this Monday, July 25th!


Dedicated to your success,

Coach Zach

PS - The page for registration in case you've missed out is at



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