Saturday, June 16, 2007

A day in the life of Zach Even - Esh

People have been asking me about my workouts so here is a day, and yep, it kinda is a typical day :)

Wake up at 7 AM...breakfast: 6 scrambled eggs, cup of coffee, 2 bananas

11 AM - 1 defranco bar and approx. 20 minute workout while on break.

My gym is 5 minutes from work so I worked out on my break:

bench press 7 x 2 - 10 reps

dips 2 x 10 reps supersetted w/last 2 sets of benching

drove back to work 1: 30 PM - meal replacement w/apple juice and banana.

Then...went to tire yard w/hopes of getting my tractor tires but I waited till 2:10 PM and had to get back to work!

I drove back to my gym around the corner and did 5 sets of chins on various grips in the gym - rings, thick bar, straight bar, ropes, recline rope rows...

then flew back to work and finished work at 4 PM & immediately got back to the tire yard :)

snagged 2 tires approx. 500 lbs

I was so excited to have tires I flipped them a million times until my lower back was killing me, logic never interefered w/my psyche to flip tires at this moment, my love for training completely took over :)

then, 4 rounds of prowler for 150 ft each trip:
2 plates, 4 plates, 5 plates and 6 plates

All in all....that's 3 workouts in one day

I used my breaks for mini workouts all day b/c that's what I HAVE to do to get it in

other days it might be only a Kb clean and press or deadlifts for max sets in 10 - 15 minutes

I get it done one way or another b/c this is my only option!

in a week or two I'm going to get a heavier tire, somewhere around 600 - 700 lbs

the guy who transported my tires remembered me from when I would visit the tire yard on saturday mornings and when we filmed 'Ancient Strength Training'

- the company would pull tires down for me in exchange for bagels and juice and I would train using tire flips only

this one guy who helped me today, is a regular smoker, but his forearms literally look like bowling pins

2 years ago I was struggling to flip tires, he put down his cigarette and flipped it 3 times in a row like a power clean, didn't even use his knee for assistance

today he showed me a 700 lb tire flip, and he weighs approx. 190 lbs and does NOT do anything except flip tires

Now I want that 700 lb tire!

There ya have it, a typical day in the life of zach even - esh

oh yea, here's some more mental issues I have....

when I was kid I recall seeing a tv commercial w/herschel walker sprinting with a tireI was very young and all I remember was this dude running like superman ran as he raced the train, well, herschel walker looked like a damn freight train running with that tire ready to run anyone and everyone over!

so when I push the prowler, I pretend I'm Herschel Walker

Holy sh*t do I have issues!!

Until the next time,

live with passion!

Coach Zach

PS - You'll see us flipping tires Right well as dragging tires, pressing tires, rowing them and much more! It's all right HERE!


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