Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Critics Have Spoken

People are gettin' crazy after they get their hands on The Ultimate Underground Strength Kit.

I have gotten a slew of e mails from MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE:

- parents

- lawyers

- strength coaches

- athletic coaches

- fighters / combat athletes

Looks like some people still love hard training!

Never did I imagine business professionals to write in, but they have!

Parents have seen the success of our athletes and invested in the kit and used the information as outlined, step by step for their own family members.

Look what Dan Powell wrote in from Pa., one of the biggest wrestling hubs in the USA:


"Hey Zach!

I've been training my nephew, Eric, using your combat and farm boy methods and it's paying off big time. He's been wrestling all summer and training with me at least twice a week.

He started this summer at 103 lbs and now weighs 125 lbs.... after practice!

And its all muscle!

I've been looking for a training program like your Underground Training Manual.

I've been lifting free weights and machines at home and Gyms for over 20 years now.

I've worked on farms bailing hay and for my Dad, a plumber, digging ditches and snaking sewer lines (excellent forearm workout).

I feel that Underground is the way to go.

I only wish I had this Manual back in the early 80's when I wrestled.

But I'm glad I have it now because I am strength training my nephew for wrestling. He's started as a freshman this year at 103lbs and did ok (30-10).

He placed 3rd at districts making it to the PA Northeast regional tournament where he got beat up a little. He's been wrestling since he was 5 yrs old but has not really strength trained yet.

I believe that with your training methods he will win the close matches and make it to the PA State tournament in Hershey this year!


Thanks again Zach!"

Dan Powell / Pa.


Thank goodness because I can't stand the type of athletes I have run into lately...seems to me like most athletes nowadays only enjoy exercises that allow them to sit down or lay down!

Come on, you'll find none of that B.S. in any of our Underground Kits.

People have asked me, are both Underground Kits the same?

1) One is an e book, which is downloadable to your computer and you can have with in 2 minutes.

2) The other is a hard copy which ships world wide and also comes with a sled training DVD.

As many of you already know, we are using these very methods in the Underground Strength Coach Gymnasium, but, we were using those methods looooooong before I even owned a facility.

A facility is not necessary to make the most of the information found in the Underground Kits.

We have used the information in backyards, fields, wrestling clubs, traditional gyms, in your own home (garage, bedroom, living room, deck / patio, etc), the local park and anywhere else you can think of!

I am not opposed to other training methods, but, I am in favor of training methods that bring about freaky results, why not, right?

Wouldn't you want to get results as fast as possible while having as much fun as ever while training?


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