Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One too many "Internet Gurus"

I don't like to talk the talk, I prefer to 'walk the walk".

Well, with the internet, many good things have come about with information, but there are also many bad things which have come about, and that is where people misinterperet things or take them waaaaay out of context or claim to have expertise in something they truly know jack shit about.

So, I came across an article from someone who was touting that training wrestlers with odd objects is a fad.

Once again, someone sees people encouraging the use of odd objects they assume (and you know what happens when you ass-ume) that they use them at the expense of all other lifts.

The arguments were:

1) Odd objects don't hit the "belly" of the muscle

2) Odd objects expose your weak areas such as hands & forearms and thus you never work the muscle intensely enough to elicit a quality response

3) Odd objects do not allow for small increases in weight

4) The author also stated that he has never seen an athlete develop great strength by training with odd objects.

All of these claims are uneducated at best, yet the author claims they are all backed by science and evidence.

ALL of our athletes who train at The Underground can disprove these claims above.

In addition, MANY of my colleagues can disprove these claims as well.

One thing we don't do, nor does any intelligent coach do, is to use only one method, one tool, one practice for results.

The smartest know that there are many ways to reach a goal, and depending on the individual, we can use a variety of tools and methods to get to the goal effectively and efficiently.

Today's workout for our wrestlers:

warm up first

1) zercher squat with thick BB 4 x 5 - 8 reps

active rest was light abdominal work and some push ups, nothing intense, just active recovery

2A) 1 arm KB snatch
2B) pull up variations (rings, ropes, thick handles, etc)

3) tire flips 4 x 2 - 3 reps

4) prowler sprints 1 - 2 x 150 ft.

The prowler sprints were optional.

Now, the results of the above wrestlers who prepped with us ALL qualified for states last year, 4 out of 5 placed top 7, and NONE were injured.

They all developed big time increases in strength, power and overall conditioning.

Odd objects work, so do barbells, dumbbells and many other tools.

For combative athletes, odd objects can play a huge role in improving physical AND mental performance.

There are many ways, many tools....we utilize the basics and what works, and we incorporate them into a training cycle that has NEVER failed to bring results.

Science says this or that, but what about REAL case studies which are going on at The Underground on a daily basis?

This is our LAB, and this is where we test what works and what doesn't work.

Sometimes the internet is a bad thing, Gurus beware :)

Look at These Weaklings....
They're the Same Weaklings Dominating State and National Competition at the High School and Collegiate Level

Our results will do the talking,

isn't that the way it should be?


PS - We NEVER fail to deliver results.

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