Monday, July 23, 2007

Gettin' Pumped and Gettin' Jacked

Getting a crazy pump is always a good feeling, packing on lean muscle and adding strength never gets boring either :)

Today, Nelson and I cranked out an upper body workout which lasted just under 35 minutes, talk about FAST!

Nelson Puentes is our intern and he is AWESOME!

Check out our upper body workout, very "Westside" inspired.

warm up: Nothing crazy here....some push ups and pull ups....

The workout:

1) Floor Press: worked up to 2 heavy sets of 2 reps

2A) incline DB press 3 x 5 - 10 reps

2B) mixed grip pull ups 3 x max reps

3A) 1 arm DB rows 2 x 8 - 12 reps

3B) blast strap push ups 2 x max reps

4A) band pushdowns 3 x 12 - 20 reps

4B) band face pulls 3 x 15 - 20 reps

5) 12 lb sledge hammer 1 x 24 swings

6) reverse hyper and abs for 2 sets each

Next workout will be lower body and some strongman work as Nelson prepares for his first ever Strongman contest at the end of August. All our athletes have been working on strongman training a lot lately and so have Nelson and I.

The strength and muscle gains we've experienced are downright freaky.

The speed development has been amazing as well!

More info on our strongman training soon, as well as a report of how we did at the annual DeFranco strongman contest - what a day that was!

Until the next time,

-- Z --

PS - Open House coming soon!!

Monday, July 30th from 6 - 8 PM

Come experience the USC Gym, what we do, how we do it, surprise give aways, some strength demos and much more!

See you Monday for a night like NEVER before!

Who knows what might happen!!

Oh yea, bring clothes to train in, you KNOW you're gonna end up lifting, flipping, pushing, pulling or pressing SOMETHING! ha ha

Our Location:

160 Talmadge Rd / next to Apollon Gym

Edison, NJ 08817

Phone: 732 287 9990


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