Sunday, July 22, 2007

Want Some Combat Readiness Training

We have some freakin' beasts here at The USC Gym!

The training is getting nastier as competitions draw near and guys are able to handle higher intensity training.

We have guys preparing for The US Open in Judo (Future Olympians), Grapplers and MMA Fighters.

Our Combat Readiness program is taking their training to a whole new world!

Friday was brutal, and if you have some of these tools, give this a shot for 3 - 4 rounds! The kettlebell can be subbed out for dumbbells if necessary, no biggy there.

Warm up first, then....

1A) Kb snatch x 5 left / right
1B) max reps in pull ups (change pull up variation every set)
1C) sled drag forwards x 75 ft
1D) sled drag backwards x 75 ft.
1E) Tire Flips x 3 reps
1F) sandbag clean and squat combo x 5 reps
1G) push up variation x max reps
1H) tire flip x 3 reps

This is brutal!

Here are some substitution tools:

kettlebell = dumbbell

sled = tire

tractor tire flip = sandbag clean and press from floor


When you combine this style of energy system work with your current regime of fight training your performance will begin to jump by leaps and bounds!

Not every workout is all out energy system work though, like us, you must find the healthy balance between all your training methods. The best way to discover what works if by doing it yourself!

Keep me posted on your training :)



PS - Don't forget two very important dates coming up:

OPEN HOUSE: Monday, July 30th 6 - 8 PM at The USC Gym:

160 Talmadge Rd - next to Apollon Gym
Edison, NJ 08817

ALL are welcome, enjoy some crazy training, free give aways and special discounts on training that have never been offered before!

Underground Kettlebell Seminar: Last One sold out FAST! We already have 5 spots taken and we just opened up a few days ago...early bird registration ends August 1st so take action NOW, simply click HERE!


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