Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How I Lost 9 lbs in 4.5 Weeks

My pants are falling off of me and my waist is shrinking more and more. It was easier than I thought, and, I didn't even TRY to lose the weight.

I weighed myself Saturday at DeFranco's Strongman Contest where 3 of our guys competed.

I weighed 215, before that my weight hovered around 225.

What did I do that was so different?

On the weekdays I cut out complex carbs except for my breakfast meal which is when I have oatmeal, either hot or I mix oats into a meal replacement shake.

My meals throughout the day included various meats, lots of fruit and veggies and tons of water.

On weekends I allow myself to have a few cheat meals. This might be some pizza, some cereal, sandwiches and soda.

My body doesn't respond well on a regular basis to these types of foods, who's body does?

But, the cycling of clean eating and some cheat meals on the weekend helped me lose a lot of fat and probably a lot of water weight. When I eat cereal or pizza I am extremely thirsty, but durig the week, all the fruit I eat and all the water and lean meats keeps me feeling great.

What about my training?

Lots of strongman training has been happening here at The Underground which is an excellent way for adding muscle and developing strength and power as well.

Do you need to cut off those last 7 - 9 lbs?

Maybe you need to adjust those carbs? I'm not a nutrition expert but just like my training, when I eat simple and basic the results come!

Kick ass till the next time,


PS - Wanna try some strongman training at The Underground? We just might have a little contest and see who can flip the tire the fastest for 3 reps, or maybe you'll have to use the prowler, or, will the prowler use YOU?

You can find out on Monday, July 30th at 6 Pm until 8 PM.

It's gonna be the baddest, toughest, most ass kicking Open House you've ever experienced.

Don't chicken out!

See you Monday :)


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