Thursday, July 26, 2007

Team Underground vs. Team DeFranco?

Last saturday was an Elite Fitness Seminar held at Joe DeFranco's facility, followed by the annual DeFranco Strongman Contest.

We brought 3 of our guys up for the high school division and man was there some KILLER action going on!

The seminar was awesome, with no holds barred Q & A going on the entire time, which is the way it should be - this is how we KNOW we're covering everything necessary, because it's up to YOU to ask the right questions and learn about what you want to learn about!

Simple concept, right?

Still, some people pay a lot of money and don't ask questions. Next time, just GRILL for all you got, don't be shy!!

Stay tuned for Joe D's Newsletter because he'll be posting some updates on last weekend's BIG show!

There must have been around 100 people in attendance, it was quite the day!

Next year we plan on brining MORE competitors!

Hope to see you there!

It was great meeting so many readers of ELITE FTS there!

Until the next time,


PS - Want to discover the secrets of using strongman training to improve athletic performance?

Then you'll want to take advantage of the early bird sign up OR the BUDDY Special....It's all waiting for you HERE, unless space fills up to capacity and we shut down early!

Don't never does anything good for you, does it?


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