Monday, August 06, 2007

Just Returned from Vacation

Oh man, a little get away always does the mind and body good.

No e mail, no cell phone, little communication, just time with the family and nature.

I talk about this stuff a lot, getting away from your normal regime and doing something different.

I did lots of kayaking in the quiet mornings in the Lake I go to.

Lucky for me, this lake truly is quiet.

Very few boats go by, and in the morning, you're lucky to see one boat.

My friend has a place in Pa. and man the water is like a brutal day in the ocean - it's supposed to be a lake, not white water rafting on a boat! That place offers little to no quiet time.

I'm glad I'm not there - I'm actually kinda close to throwing my cell phone out the car window, too many phone calls for no reason, I was fine back in the day without the cell, weren't you?

Imagine watching the sun rise while kayaking on a quiet lake and hearing only the sounds of nature.

It's amazing and kayaking works the upper body plenty! Call it a workout, call it active recovery, no matter - it all helps the mind AND body.

I speak a lot of active recovery in The Ultimate Underground Manual.

This is actually a great way to improve your strength - the body reaps the benefits of all your hard training when it gets time AWAY from the hard training.

Last summer I played tons of Volleyball - it was brutally fun :)

We had the over 30 and under 30 team...I was the over 30 team and we never lost 1 game! One day we played 6 games in a row and we won them all!

I wonder if I could set up a team with Yanik Silver, ha ha, now that would be pretty wild!

So now it's time for you to think about what YOu can do to get away from the norm and do something different to give your body what it needs.

I've got other friends who go surfing, sea kayaking, hiking, hunting and mountain biking.

As always, there are NO rules :)

Stay cool till the next...

and...stay tuned for a NEW e book
coming to the Underground this week :)



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