Friday, August 24, 2007

The wrecking crew revealed or Try a Boot Camp!

Wow, I always say (and so do a lot of other people after they see our results)..."I wish I knew about this stuff back when I was competing"

This is our 5 PM wrecking crew, a group of wrestlers, some who have been with us for a short amount of time, others who have been in the group for a few years!
No secret behind our success: hard work, consistency....repeat :)

In fact, last night I headed to Skiba's Gym in Carteret, NJ - a very hard core facility for athletes and powerlifters, and I spoke extensively on training young athletes.
Fact is, the majority are not even ready for loaded squats, benching and deadlifts - they're too weak.
Instead, I emphasized hand walking, sled work, push ups, pull ups, squats, sledge hammer work, rope climbing, various sit ups and leg raises, and then some very simple movements w/low reps:
1 arm Dumbbell military press
2 hand Swings
these are basic movements but man they wrok like magic.
When we get more physically prepared we begin to follow the more advanced methods in our Underground Kit.
At the USC Gymnasium, we will also be adding Underground Boot Camps with modified versions of our workouts, the results are going to be phenomenal as we have used them with non athletes and many adults, but now we're going to up the ante and bring the groups together.
The Underground Boot Camps begin this Monday, August 27th.
Camps times are:
monday and wednesday night at 8 PM
Saturday morning at 9 AM
classes will be 30 minutes in length.
If you want in, go and download the application page and come ready to rock n' roll this Monday.
These Underground Boot Camp classes are going to be off the hook!
Take a look at how we've carved up our Wrecking crew, we'll do the same for you!
Stay strong!
PS - If you plan to join our Boot Camp, please arrive early this Monday, no later than 7: 45 PM to take care of application and payment!
PPS - If you would like to learn the exact methods we use for our athletes, just click HERE!


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