Friday, August 10, 2007

Bunch of Crazy $%^&*#@!

Yesterday our Football crew finished a tough workout, 1/2 of them wenbt home when they were finished, the other 1/2 decided they weren't finished!

A little extra credit or bonus work if you will...

Sometimes you need these days for mental and physical testing, it keeps you in check and determines if you will only do what is required, or, will you go above and beyond?

They rolled out the tractor tire, dragged out a sled and carried out the prowler.

Sometimes, or, actually, OFTEN times, I feel a tractor tire, sled, prowler and bodyweight is PLENTY to get a lot of results, especially at the high school level.

This will keep kids away from sitting down and laying down all the time.

Imagine this:

- tire flips
- push ups
- pull ups
- squats
- lunges
- hand walking
- sled drags in all directions
- prowler pushing

compare the above list with the below list:

- leg extensions
- leg curls
- lat pulldowns
- bench press
- half squats (most high school teams squat half way - ** don't get offended if YOU"RE team does full squats ** - I said "most")
- barbell and dumbbell curls

Which team will win?

I'm sure you can figure it out.

You can get increasingly larger tires for the upper grades and / or bigger guys.

There are tractor tires that are as light as 100 lbs. out there!

Back to the story....

One of our guys must have flipped the 400 lb. tire well over 30 times!

He flipped it down the parking lot and back, an easy 150 total ft. Then he alternated flips with his team mate in an "I go - you go" fashion, an excellent way to develop strength and power endurance, as well as mental toughness.

Now, 3 kids stayed after and did the extra, without me telling them to do so, this was their choice and through their own motivation.

What if there were 20 or 25 kids on that team with the same attitude and work ethic?

Now that would be a HUGE problem for the other teams, wouldn't ya say so?

Take a look at yourself, or, if you're a Coach, take a look at your athletes.

Do they have the eye of the tiger?

If not, what can you do to help them get there?

Some people believe you either have it or you don't, but, I'll tell you this much, being around the wrong people (lazy, unmotivated) will bring you down BIG time. In fact, these "wrong" people will make you feel bad for being so motivated because it makes them look bad!

My suggestions:

Remove yourself from the lazy asses, stay away from the losers with the loser mentality and stay away form people and places that accept and encourage mediocrity!

Until the next time,

kick ass!


PS - Check this out, this is how we train our guys and this is exactly how you cna start doing the same for yourself or for your team.


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