Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are These Conditions Ideal?

How to get freakishly strong and powerful under poor conditions!

Look at this video...

crappy squat stands

skinny barbells


Look at the results....

This is from over 30 years ago yet they are still WAAAAY ahead of what most americans are doing today!

Same thing goes for what we've composed for you in Grip Experts - Nothing fancy, yet the results will be what everyone is always after, and now you have the opportunity to discover the secrets and have it in your hands in only a few minutes by clicking HERE.


Blogger CTS Boot Camps said...

Zach what a nice guy of you to share such beautiful work in sport & video history. Seeing such a great video made me teary eyed and mushy...like the time I saw Happy Feat and..uh I mean...NEVERMIND THAT. Keep bringing the "old stuff" back!! Who came up with the term "old school" anyway. Honestly the school is still the same...just no one wants to attend class or do the requisite homework!

Nii & Dave

-Athletic Combined Training Systems
(Athletic CTS)

10:30 PM  

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