Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Shadow of Death.....

Ancient Gladiators they were....

Roaming strong and mighty, people feared them....

More people respected them because of their dominant physical strength.....

So I figured what the hell, might as well start training like Gladiators...

- train outside

- use your natural surroundings

- No machines

- Odd Objects

- Plenty of Calisthenics

- Focus on heavy Training and Incomplete Recoveries

Who ever said Gladiators trained like this anyway?

Well, if they were kicking everyone's ass they certainly weren't taking it easy, resting a lot, and confining themselves to limited movements.

It's ironic though, that even after so many new products, Ancient Training Methods for Modern Day Gladiators is still the most popular product!

Who would have known!

Simple will always be effective, but I never confuse simple with easy, and neither should you!

Until the next time,

stay strong!


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