Monday, September 10, 2007

Back from CrossFit Cert!

Wow, what a bad ass weekend this was, spending two full days learning, training, meeting great people and training some more!

This was held at the Quantico Marine Corps base and the gymnasium was located right next to the air craft musuem.

When I pulled up the garage doors were open and I saw a few old fighter jets being revamped and man did they look beastly. As you probably know, I was unable to take photos, and in addition, I always forget to take pics so you can expect that from me!

I hung out with Jeff Martone a lot over the weekend as well, Jeff is CF's resident Kettlebell expert. He's a cool guy and has better stories than anyone I know!

Buddy Lee, the jump rope phenome was there as well, demonstrating and instructing on proper jump rope skills - in 2 minutes he had EVERYONE doing double unders No problem!

Most people don't know that Buddy was a bad dude - how bad??

How about several national titles and Greco Roman Olympian -

In fact, this man is probably unknown to most combative athletes, as far as his accomplishments, so in a second, I'll tell you about him, but read this...

Buddy was watching us go through olympic lifts, explosive movements, intense circuits and various jumps and he was LOVING everything he saw!

We were being taught the hip snap and how to generate power through the hips, so, Buddy saw that this was EXACTLY the same movement we use in wrestling to finish a takedown with a lift.

He demonstrated this on someone and the guy was airborn so fast he had no clue what just happened!

Look at Buddy's accomplishments:

GRECO ROMAN Olympic Style

1992 Olympic Team 1988

Olympic Team 1st Alternate World Military Champion

3X National Greco Roman Champion 14X Armed Forces National Champion


Olympic Style 2X World Military Champion

SOMBO Judo & Wrestling Style

3X National Sombo Champion World Cup Bronze Medallist

COLLEGE American Style

Old Dominion University 3X NCAA Div. 1 All American


'96 Olympic Torch Bearer

3X Male Athlete of Year at ODU

4X Most Valuable Wrestler ODU

Sports Hall of Fame Academic All American

2X Marine Athlete of the Year

USA Outstanding Wrestler at '92 National Greco Roman Championships

Longest American overtime wrestling match: 19 min. and 58 sec. - at 1988 Olympic Trials.

1988 - 2000

I'll be interviewing Buddy very soon for our Underground web site so stay tuned.

This man has A LOT of information that the world has never heard about but needs to hear!

Learn more about Buddy HERE.

Well, our wrestlers are about to roll in and begin their energy system workouts as we prepare for the wrestling season.

September marks the beginning of some very intense workouts.

This is what must be done to get the edge over the competiton!

Until the next time....

stay strong!



Blogger Anthony Springman said...


Outstanding to see you on the Crossfit affiliate blog! Crossfit Underground will be a hit, and seems to incorporate many of the things that you are already doing with your athletes.

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