Sunday, September 02, 2007

3 Brutal Monkey Bar Pull Ups

Try these at the local playground:

1) walk sideways on the outer bar of the monkey bars - your hands will slide to the right all the way to one end, then to the left traveling to the other end

when you get to the end of the monkey bars, perform 5 pull ups - the ultimate goal is to travel to one side, perform 5 pull ups, travel to the other side and perform 5 more pull ups, NEVER allowing feet to touch the ground!

2) using the monkey bars themselves, travel forwards just like you did as a young kid, get to one end and perform 5 pull ups, NOW, travel backwards and at the end perform 5 more pull ups - if you go forwards, you gotta go backwards to develop balance!


3) grab - regrab pull ups: pull yourself up explosively with an overhand the top let go quickly and then regrab

this is a very advanced pulling movement and can cause injury if you are NOT physically ready or NOT warmed up. Use YOUR best judgement.

The velocity during the re-grab really works your grip and the upper body pulling you let go and re-grab, your body is moving much faster, thus, the velocity increases the force placed on the working muscles!

Our advanced guys switch grips mid air instead of keeping the same grip.


PS - Check out what happens when the creator of THE Monkey Bar Gymnasium meets the Creator of The Underground Gymnasium HERE!


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