Monday, September 17, 2007

Steve Cotter Invades The Underground!

Steve Cotter will be presenting at The USC Gymnasium on Sunday, October 14th.

Check out what Steve will be doing that day and get in on this asap if you're interested.

Space is limited due to the size of the USC Gymnasium.

I will not be presenting along side Steve this time around, my Big Bash is 2 weeks afterwards HERE.

Here's the low down on what Steve will be presenting, and let me tell you, this guy IS A BEAST! Steve was my FIRST Kettlebell instructor and he will blow your mind when he shows you the power of combining kettlebell and bodyweight training!

Here is your chance to learn the dynamic Kettlebell workout from world-renowned strength & conditioning coach Steve Cotter!

Steve brings his energizing and highly practical blend of kettlebell training, body weight conditioning and qigong breathing methods to North New Jersey for a hands-on, high-intensity training seminar.

In this course you will be see why kettlebell training is taking the fitness, martial arts and athletic communities by storm!

The world’s most effective and efficient workout that combines strength training, superhuman endurance, flexibility and extreme muscle tone in one tool-the kettlebell.

In this course you will learn:

-the foundation of kettlebell lifting---snatch, clean, jerk, swing, squat, press

-kettlebells for core, grip, back, legs and shoulders

-developing the ‘optimal’ warm-up for you

-Bodyweight exercise to round-out your kettlebell training

-the most important points for movement efficiency

--basic program layout

--structuring your strength & conditioning schedule for your sport

--Qigong (Chinese breath/energy art) and proper use of breath for training and recovery

This course combines the highest intensity conditioning with the efficiency of body mechanics that allow you to study the fine art of energy management.

Through breathing and applying fluid movement you learn to sustain your power for longer and longer periods of time. At the completion of this course you will have all the tools you need to develop your own comprehensive training program from A to Z, simple tools, clear information.

Your Instructor....

Steve Cotter brings a unique and dynamic blend of experience as a world class athlete and trainer who has trained such prestigious companies and institutions as:

US Navy SEALs (Virginia Beach)
San Francisco 49ers
US Marines (Quantico)
San Diego Chargers

You can learn more about Steve and his training programs at:

When OCTOBER 14th 2007


Underground Strength Coach Gymnasium
160 Talmadge Road (next to Apollon Gym)
Edison, NJ 08817

Time: 10am - 4pm
Local contact for questions:

Only $299
To register visit:

Hotel / Travel Information:
1/2 mile up the road, The Clarion Hotel:


If you don't plan on attending The Natural Underground Weekend Seminar, then I highly reccomend attending Steve's one day event!

The only things to get posted on this Blog are the things I stand behind 100%!



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