Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What would you have done?

Last night, at 8 PM, we held our CrossFit Underground class.

It'll kick your ass, in 30 minutes or less :)

The benefits of CrossFit Underground?

- Stronger

- Faster

- Mentally & Physically Tougher

- Skyrocket Your Conditioning

- Burn Fat Like a Overheating Furnace

- Build Muscle Faster Than Your Lame Gym Workout :)

We had a serious mix of people last night: state trooper, a PhD student from Princeton, a Vice Principal, a working Mom, a working Dad.....

One guy RENTED A CAR to make it to the class!

What's your excuse for not working out?

The answer?

Now you know....there are no viable excuses!

"There are those that do

and those that don't

Those that will

and those that won't"

Who are you?

See you at The Underground!


PS - Can't train with us on a regular basis but still want to leanr our secrets?

Don't miss The Natural - Underground weekend, coming soon & selling out FAST!


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