Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CrossFit Underground Wants YOU!

Yep, we want you here, but we won't lie, this is downright hard work!

But damn does it build you a better body, develops greater character and encourages a love for fitness!

People are really lovin' these classes, the atmosphere of our groups are electric and we PUMP THE MUSIC LOUD!

Check out our NEW CrossFit Underground times:

Monday: 7 PM

Wednesday: 7 PM

Thursday 7 PM

Friday: 5 PM

Saturday: 9 AM

- Train 3 x week / 12 sessions: $ 150 for a 4 week camp

- Train up to 5 x week (unlimited option) / 20 sessions: $ 175 for a 4 week camp

- Drop in Classes: $ 20 per class

** First time is on the house, aka FREE :)

Most people question our 30 minute classes, but when it brings down guys that can bench press 300 lbs. bench, squat 400 lbs and deadlift 450 lbs. - you know it works, and besides, being strong is one thing, but being strong AND ready to go at a moment's notice is a whole new world!

This is where we can say you've got "REAL World Functional Strength"!

I'll be getting into the deepest details of my program design methods soon enough at the up and coming Natural - Underground Seminar.

This is truly the secret to our success here because let's face it, we ALL know how to squat, bench, dead lift, pull ups, push ups, etc.

But why aren't you getting the results you want?


Your program design methods are probably sh*t at best, sorry, but it's the truth :)

When you discover how to mold all your tools and knowledge together your results will be phenomenal and you'll have all the outsiders accusing you & your athletes of using illegal drugs.

The internet makes things very confusing, that's for sure. It's an information super highway out there, loaded with internet gurus who barely ever workout themselves.

Ya gotta get under the bar and get your hands dirty if you want to figure things out for yourself!

Stay strong,


PS - Before the holidays are here and the shopping gets wild, take a trip and hang in NJ for a weekend, have a great time at our seminar, eat out and enjoy the great restaurants and bars in New Brunswick...You deserve it!

Check it out HERE!!


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