Friday, September 21, 2007

What would you do if...

What would you do if you had the opportunity to learn a guaranteed style and system of training that brought about amazing results, time after time,without fail?

You would love it, wouldn't you?

I know you would, and I know you want more success, whether it's for yourself or for those you train.

Let's face it - if you're not improving, then you're on track to lose more soon enough.


This is going to be a pretty insane weekend!

It's rare that you can find two guys like myself and Jon unleashing our most powerful secrets. We're too busy training other people!

We are NOT internet gurus, we walk the walk!

When I started chatting w/Jon Hinds, his knowledge of physical culture and his methods blew my mind.

The physical culture methods developed brutally strong and explosive athletes, and they were all natural. The REAL Functional Strength they developed would shock today's most elite athletes!

Jon knows these secrets, and he knows how to use them, and now you're going to get the rare opportunity to learn these secrets.

Jon was having 60 something year olds performing handstand walking at his gym!

Utilizing bodyweight, medicine balls, resistance tubing and monkey bars
to develop world class athleticism and body awareness - who would have thought this is possible?

Jon has proven his methods on NFL players, NBA athletes, world class combat athletes and your average Joe! They work, ALL the time!

How can you argue with someonewho would show guys Like Rickson Gracie
his training secrets?

When John showed Rickson the way he trained Rickson loved it because he KNEW that 'natural training' was the way to go for developing the most powerful combination of strength, explosiveness, stamina and physical preparation.

When John was playing basketball he was touching his elbowABOVE THE RIM!

Oh yea, that was in his 30's, not like some 20 something year old youngsters!


The same type of results happened when we began using our Underground methods.

The training was primitive and certainly not crafted to perfection,but, it was the beginning of something powerful, even with all the flaws, our results were powerful and the athletes were dominating others.

That was without any gym, only training in the outdoors!

If you are a coach or an athlete, you can't afford to miss out on this powerful weekend!

In fact, we even set it up so you can travel and save more by signing upwith a friend.


The bottom line?

Anyone who gets this information in their hands and puts it touse will be at a huge advantage over their competition.


What can this do for your athletes?

The same thing it has done for our athletes:

99% of the time our athletes are dominating their competition.

Let's see who's ready to take a big jump and transform their knowledge.

Transform your knowledge and put it to use and watch your athletes double their success rate!

keep following what everyone else does, and keep getting average results.

Why waste time on average?

I know you've read this far because you want something more, you're tired of average, aren't you?

It's time to discover the methods that REALLY give you thunder!


Looking forward to seeing you in NJ soon!

Stay strong,


PS - This is for coaches, parents of athletes, or athletes who want to train themselves.

PPS - feel free to send this to any friends or colleagues who are interested in skyrocketing their knowledge!


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