Saturday, October 06, 2007

Where were these and who used them?

Look at these beauties I just snagged, a pair of 80 lb round head York dumbbells...yep, they're vintage, and I wonder who used, where they've been and what kind of exercises were being used with the 80's.

Back in the day, exercises such as bent presses, push presses, snatches, turkish get ups and 2 hand overhead swings were very popular, and of course, VERY effective.

Who performs these exercises nowadays?

Have you seen them lately in your gym?

I highly doubt it unless you're in a old school type of gymnasium.

Imagine if you could bring back the style of training mixed with what you know today?

The power of these routines are amazing, and I'm telling you from experience, because the athletes at The Underground use them with powerful results!

If you want to see how powerful old school training is, then click here and you can experience a new world of training that brings back the way people should be training.

Finally, strength and power will be the norm again!

See you at The Underground, registration will close in 2 weeks.

Train hard till the next time,

--Zach Even - Esh--


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