Sunday, September 30, 2007

Remember When...

When I was a teen and slightly before, my brother always read magazines such as FLEX, Muscle & Fitness and Muscular Development.

I used to read them when I could sneak into his room when he was away.

I read the darn things even when I wasn't into working out around the age of 10, 11 and 12.

I recall how much of the advertisements were for gaining weight and building muscle.

But today, the ads are all about fat loss.

Do you realize that?

Maybe you can relate if you're in your 30's and higher :)

What the heck happened?

I admit, kids don't know how the heck to "play" anymore.

Go to a playground during recess and kids are lost when it comes to organizing their own games of tag, kick ball and stick ball.

They fight and argue about everything, back when we were young we just had a do over, or, we said "Oh well, you're it / you're out"

Are you trying to gain weight and gain muscle or are you falling prey to the advertisements of today, where the focus is all about weight loss.

If people would simply train for strength, and ohhhh how simple it can be, then we wouldn't have so many fat people slaving to the fat loss / weight loss advertisements.

The Golden Era may be gone, but I still believe that if YOU can go back in time and do what the men and women of the Golden Era did, you will stop worrying about fat / weight loss because you'll be a lean and muscular athlete, strong and agile, highly conditioned, ready for anything at anytime.

Woudln't that be great?

Stay strong!

--Zach Even - Esh--

P.S. - Going Old School is coming back, bigger and badder than ever before! See for yourself HERE.

P.P.S. - the early bird special ends October 1st.


Blogger saggydan said...


great site man!
I was just fooling around on the Crossfit website and ran into your place.

i love this post - and just to show you how bad it has gotten, click on the link below and check out what NY Magazine has written about exercise and losing weight.

hope you continue to turn out New Jersey's finest wrestlers. When you're ready for the big time, come talk to us Ohio boys!!

best of luck, and take care,

Dan Segelin
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
New York Fitness Institute

4:43 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Amen Zach

There is a severe amount of sissification amongst today's youth. perfectly natural things when i was a kid like climbing trees, playing baseball and that sort of thing are being replaced by ps3 and xbox. fun as those things might be they lack physical exercise and socialization skills both of which are crucial.

and I blame the parents

11:01 PM  

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