Thursday, September 27, 2007

I could have died....

I was waiting to turn into my gym when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a car flying at me, I barely had 1 second to react.

I knew there was no way this car would be able to slow down in time.

I was gonna floor it but cars and 18 wheelers were passing me on my right on a tight road and I would have been slammed from both directions.

I saw the driver's head was DOWN, probably being the typical cell phone idiot sending a text message.

I held tight and in a split second, BAM!!

He musta been cruising at 40 - 45 MPH. He never even had a chance to hit the brakes, it was all speed, no brakes.

Doesn't sound fast, but I've heard of lethal accidents at 25 MPH!

My truck shot forward a good 30 ft. and rolled to the side of the street.

I got out and beyond belief, my truck was not damaged much, the guy who hit me, his car was totaled, it looked like an accordian!

I was also shocked that I felt NOTHING!

No pain anywhere, I walked out like an angel saved me.

A cop saw the entire accident and had me walk out of the street as I stood in the middle of the road. I wasn't sure what I was about to do, I was definitely in shock.

I told him I was fine, then literally 1 minute later, the neck pain began, then my jaw, my upper back and my head.

Right now, it's just my head that throbs.

Thirty minutes after my accident, I was training athletes and I refused the reccomendation to take an ambulance trip to the E.R.

The pain bugged me a bit, but what bugged me most was that this entire accident was my fault.

If you know me well enough, you know that I'm a believer in the Law of Attraction, and as a believer, I know attracted this car accident.

I've been working like a mad man, and complaining about not seeing my wife and daughter.

I was telling myself that I'm a dead beat father.

I was yelling at myself from within.

Complaining about X, Y and Z.

Well, fast forward to 7: 30 PM, I finished my CrossFit Underground class and decided I wanted to get a workout in.

Working out saved my life. I can see how people with no muscle are sore for days on end after a car accident. Some break bones and some even worsed!

I have heard of people "making it" because of wokring out and all the muscle on their body.

I just finished a 5 round circuit of kettlebell snatches and pull ups and then set up next for the flat bench, Bulgarian Power Bag and dumbbells for my next round of benching, power bag rotations and dumbbell shrugs.

The shrugs were motivated after knowing that having a strong set of traps and a thick neck saved me BIG Time.

While I was benching, my I Pod was blasting a song from The Foo Fighters, you know what song I'm talking about, right?

"There goes my Hero, watch him as he goes!!"

It got me thinking about the accident again.....

The road that the accident happend on is LOADED with trucks, I mean Loaded, it's a virtual highway for the 18 wheelers!

My daughter was not in my truck and neither was my wife.

It was just me.

What if a truck hit me instead of the 4 door sedan?

What if I didn't just get out of the car, walk away and go on with my day?

The song was cranking loud, and it hit me hard, and had me thinking that maybe to my family, I am their Hero, and maybe you are the Hero to your family or someone special in your life.

Think about that for a second.

Where would your friends or family be without you?

Without your strength, you may not be able to survive who knows what?

What if I was weak, never worked out and totally out of shape?

I would be useless for my family.

It could have been worsed, in fact, it can always be worsed, right?

You and I have the power to make it better, if we choose to do so.

I choose to make things better....

what about you?

What are you training for?

I never thought I was training for my life, but ya know what, maybe you and I BOTH are training for our life, it may not be the specific goal, but guess what, now you and I both know, that we better be ready for anything that comes our way.

Today hit me hard, literally and figuratively speaking.

I caused the entire chain of events, and now I am more grateful for what I have, instead of complaining about what I have.

This is my way of saying "Thank you".

Thank you for being part of my Blog, web sites and newsletters.

Thank you sincerely.

One day we may meet, or we may never meet.

Regardless, I am grateful for YOU!

Dedicated to your success,


P.S. - This seminar was only about training, but now, this seminar is taking an even deeper turn into something more spiritual, and much bigger than it ever was. I hope to see you soon at our Natural - Underground Seminar!


Blogger Tyciol said...

I wouldn't believe in that Law of Attraction stuff, there's nothing supporting it but superstition. It sounds like Karma. It's a concept which is true in some cases (like doing good things increases your reputation and the odds of people being nice to you) or stuff like, if you don't try you won't succeed, but being true in some cases doesn't mean it affects all of reality.

That accident wasn't your fault, it was that guy who wasn't watching the road's. If you want to feel guilt then you have to think of what it was you did to be guilty for. I can't see anything here. The cop said you were in the right, right? Trust him and don't blame yourself! We should only blame ourselves for things we can definately improve and fail to do.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I work in an emergency department, so seeing people face their mortality and "what might have been" is a regular thing for me. Last week I saw a 21-year-old having a massive heart attack, and the week before, a 21-year-old who had died of an overdose. I see Mom's and Dad's scared to death that they're about to leave their young children behind and alone, and I see those children sometimes watch their parents die. I see graceful, gracious passings and painful, regret-filled deaths. So seldom, though, do I see anyone learn from these experiences. The kids go back to drugs; the parents smoke more cigarettes and gain more weight. Even the personnel I work with miss the life's lessons in it all--work too much, play too little, drink and drive, smoke, and eat crap. With a little time, as the surprise and the aches and pains wear off, you may very well begin to forget how fortunate you were today, how life gave you a gentle reminder of what could be. Remind yourself daily that you are only given this one moment. You have not been guaranteed another. Don't let kind and loving words go unsaid, or harsh words be the last ones you leave someone with. Do what you can to earn more and better moments, and make the most of the one you have.
Thank you for the opportunity to see that some folks do learn lessons from these things that happen.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

In 1985 I was riding my Harley, and a car ran a red light right in front of me.
Needless to sat, I rammed the car broadside and was thrown a considerable distance.
The Harley was laying in pieces when I became conscious again.
Somehow I walked away, back then I just thought I was lucky.
I know now that GOD wasn't done with me yet.
The number of times my life almost ended violently still amazes me.
I am grateful for each day.
I'm glad you're still with us, bro!

11:17 AM  

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