Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Secrets of Success: 5 Things

I wrote an article a while back about 'The Secrets of their Success'

It was about my high school Football team, several time state champs, and how they followed a basic program, with only 5 exercises, yet they were strong as hell!

1) bench press

2) squat

3) deadlift

4) military press

5) barbell cheat curl

here and there I saw them doing some pull downs but it was rare.

back then, the weight room had 1 power rack, 2 flat benches, rusty dumbbells and some other crappy machines for legs.

There was a line of guys behind each bench, one after the other they would go, 2 - 5 reps per set, over and over again.

I have a lot more secrets to success than just 5 things right here, but I always remind myself and others of this story because the basics always work.

The basics are a cure for the weak.

We need more "Russian Playgrounds", don't you agree?

We're becoming a weak society and physical culture needs to come back in a BIG way.

Nothing wrong with adding heavy barbells and dumbbells to the mix :)

Can you quit going to your local gym and start training at home, or in the basement?

Imagine the fact that you could train anyway you wanted, no rules, your music all the time, nobody curling in the squat rack, nobody in your way, nobody stealing your thunder!

You can do it....just get some stones, a heavy barbell set off of e bay, some old dumbbell from e bay, make a sandbag or two, pull up bars - not much else needed. Your job is done and now it's time to take action.

Don't let the pretty clubs waste any more of your time!

kick ass!


PS - 3 spots left!


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