Friday, October 19, 2007

Training in Russia

The Eastern European countries have always had a tremendous impact on the way I train as well as the way I train others.

I watch the video below and could only dream of finding such a playground in the states. It won't happen.

I've seen kids unable to hold onto monkey bars because the only thing they've been trained to hold onto is a play station or cell phone.

Yep, this is a rant, I'm pretty fired up with the state of physical fitness, specifically in young kids.

I have run into kids that I used to know who were tremendous athletes, and now they play NO sports, they lock themselves in their bedroom to sit on the computer.

I'm changing things at The Underground Strength Gymnasium....

I used to NEVER allow middle school athletes into our program, but now I do. And the training is HARD, no reason to be easy or baby these kids. We're preparing just as the Eastern Bloc countries did decades ago (and still today).

The foundation is being developed early on.

I have also eliminated open enrollment in my Underground Boot Camps. It's back to invite only because I have had countless men walk into the gym and talk how they will join the program yet they never do. Those who do, can barely make it through a warm up of 2 rounds with bodyweight squats, push ups and recline rows.

Underground camps will now be application only, and there will be a contract lasting until the goal is reached or, if I used bad judgement to accept you, you'll be removed from the program.

We simply don't have time for half assers and wimps. It's not acceptable to be a man and be weak - the two do NOT go hand in hand.

Undertand that what you're about to see is NOT for everyone. Just as our training is certainly not for everyone.

Life has a top 3 %, and those people in the top 3 % are always willing and ready to do the extras required fr greatness, the others are satisfied with mediocrity.

Enjoy the video, it's time you do something with this information, I know you agree, the real test is what will you actually do about it!

The training you are witnessing in the video above will be covered in depth at The Natural - Underground Seminar as well.

If you're an athlete, parent or coach, you can't afford to miss this amazing opportunity to learn the secrets required to transform athletes from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choose the road less traveled!


P.S. - two spots remain available at The Natural - Underground Seminar. I hope you are the one who acts before space is closed!


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