Sunday, October 14, 2007

Steve Cotter Kettlebell Seminar..

Today Steve Cotter held a Kettlebell seminar at The Underground.

Ironically, my First Ever KB seminar was taught by Steve.

Steve has always been instrumental in my own methods and what I teach others.

You can't argue with his success either. If you've ever seen him perform, you're in for a treat!

The funny thing is, today we learned only 5 movements.

Yep, that's not a typo, 5 movements!

Most people would be in shock, but not me.

Strength is a skill, we must refine that skill over and over again, practicing to perfection, as opposed to practicing countless movements in mediocrity.

Would you encourage others or expect mediocrity of yourself?

I didn't think you would.

This happened in a similar fashion at a Kettlebell seminar I taught.

We learned countless movements, and when we discussed program design, I said flat out, "We learned nearly 100 exercises today, but, for the most part, we use 2 movements with the kettlebells"

1) The clean & press

2) The swing

Ask anyone who is very strong, and they'll tell you that they stick to a select few number of movements because it is those BIG movements that produce the most powerful results and never fail to do so either.

Look at the training logs at - very basic, same movements with slight variations repeated over and over again, yet these are some of the strongest powerlifters in the world.

I've used the basic movements with variations myself - I simply change the tools.

I'll be cutting through the hype and going straight to the meat and potatoes at the Natural Underground Seminar.

Come see for yourself, we've only got 4 spots left, after that, we have to shut the doors.

Till the next time,


P.S. - Don't let the door slam shut in your face, sign up now.


Blogger CrossFitCS said...

that's so true Zach - too many people want to try al the fancy stuff before learning and gaining from the basics

7:52 AM  

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