Thursday, November 08, 2007

Just do ONE of these

The more I read about the strongest men in the world, especially those from the days of old, the more I realize they practiced the same few (and I do mean VERY FEW) movements over and over again.

Most of the men from decades and centuries ago did tons of overhead work. Ground based lifts were the norm.

There are days when I do this style of training and throw everything else out the door.

It might be all deadlifts, all pull ups, all clean and press variations, or all sandbag presses or shouldering.

Next time you train, ditch the endless variation of movements and exercises.

Instead, pick one exercise and work as many sets as possible in 15 or 20 minutes.

Do this on a regular basis and watch your strength soar to the sky. Reps can stay in the 2 - 5 range, and rest periods will be 1 minute or less.

Now it's your turn to stand up and attack your workout with unrivaled intensity.

Be different, Be STRONG!


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