Sunday, November 04, 2007

What a weekend!

Wow, Jon Hinds blew everyone away with his methods, thinking and powerful knowledge.

I have been chatting with Jon via phone and e mail for over a year now, maybe about 2 years.

Pat Miletich tipped me off to Jon's methods and his gym 2 summers ago, I immediately e mailed Jon and we wound up talking by phone a lot, having the most amazing conversations.

We were always talking about the days of physical culture, and Jon REALLY had profound knowledge in this area.

Which brings me to another point, more on that in a minute...

This weekend really exposed my weaknesses, and, now I'm REALLY psyched to get more hand walking going on with my athletes.

Hand walking with the power wheel, with partner holding ankles, with feet against wall - walking in / out and sideways....the list goes on! You had to be there to experience everything!

Got back pain?

Who doesn't have or has had some form of back pain before? Jon took us through some powerful, yet very simple techniques to work away the back pain so many of us actually "live" with on a daily basis.

Does this mean I am done powerlifting, finished with strongman work? NO!

It means I now have more tools to add to my arsenal allowing me to train more optimally as well as safer, healthier and longer.

I learned I was doing a lot of stuff wrong, A LOT OF STUFF!

I learned because Jon AND his awesome crew of trainers came with him to help with coaching.

Bringing me back to my point...Jon's Coaches have a LOT OF TIME intensive hands on training themselves and others. There are many internet gurus who don't train anyone, but worst off, they never trained anyone. What's worsed than never training others? How about barely ever "Getting Under the Bar" yourself.

If you want to show others, you must learn yourself through the trial and error of training yourself in the real world.

If you train like a p**sy, then it doesn't count.

Till the next time,

keep kicking ass!



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