Saturday, November 10, 2007

Too many lies, or, is it 2 many lies?

Since I have began training young athletes, I have met many who tell quite the tale of strength.

Parents tell me stories and kids tell me stories.

For parents to exaggerate boggles my mind, for kids to exaggerate, well, I guess their kids but honesty is still the best policy.

I heard about kids being able to squat 400 + lbs and then they start training at The Underground and can't perform ONE quality bodyweight squat!

I hear of kids who can do 30 + pull ups, then they do pull ups and do not hit double digits.

The only way to test your strength is by shutting up, and training, for REAL.

The truth always comes out when it's time to step up and prove yourself. This came up at the last Natural - Underground seminar. I used to follow the advice of many names on the internet, until I found out they don't even train themselves!

Wow, kinda tough to learn when you type a good game, but nothing more :)

This is why I love finding the OLD books of strength because the authors were men who walked the walk and really trained hard and heavy!

What would you do if you shut down your computer for 4 weeks and only trained according to what YOU learned? This would lead to less confusion and certainly MORE focus on one method as opposed to every new method under the sun.

Don't talk the walk...

Walk the walk!

--zach even - esh--

P.S. - This is me, walking the walk....go ahead, watch the video :)


Blogger Jen said...

True dat bro....shut up and train! It's not just kids and there folks that lie(I'm sure you know that).

I've been a little discouraged with my training over the last few months due to injury. In that time I've lost some ground. So I've taken a back seat. In that seat I've been listening to the egos around me talk...and talk and talk. It's not becoming. Just get out there and do what you do.

5:24 AM  

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