Thursday, November 22, 2007

Video of our Most Driven Athlete

Jim Beshada may very well have been our most dedicated, most driven athlete.

Jimmy came to me after his sophomore year, where he did not make it out of the districts. This was when we were training in my backyard, garage and the field down the street.

His work ethic though, was phenomenal.

He would train 2 - 3 x week, no matter what, he never missed workouts.

If he was on vacation w/his family in South Jersey, he would drive 2 hrs. north to train and then head back down south.

He was one of those kids that handled adversity like no other, and you'll see in the beginning of the video, he's about to get pinned for a good 15 seconds, most kids would have been finished, he comes back and puts his opponnet to his back.

The weekend of the NJSIAA Wrestling Championship was when I was in Ohio to present at The Arnold Sports Fest with Randy Couture, that entire weekend I was communicating via cell w/his progress and going over warm ups and confidence building.

Jimmy took 2nd in the state, but man, this kid was the poster boy for work ethic.

Ever since he was a sophomore, he had his eye on the ultimate goal, which was winning the states. It is goals like this that can push someone to train for years on end w/out faltering.

In the end, everyone must have goals, short term and long term. If you don't have goals, I can bet that you're not making progress like you want to.

Better yet, write your goals down and post them somewhere highly visible.

Ask every wrestler who trains at my gym what their goal is and the LEAST they will say is qualify for the states. Right now the intensity is scarey and we have a few who can win the states, then again, once you make it to the states, ANYONE can win.

Our last workout with the wrestlers, the intensity was so high that the walls were even sweating!

Now go write your goals down!

In Strength,

Zach Even - Esh

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