Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tree Log Training

When I first moved to my house, it needed A LOT OF WORK.

We had overgrown trees in the back yard that needed cutting, and my wife's cousin took care of that asap.

He hauled away the tree except for two logs which were approximately 4 and 5' in length.

They were HEAVY!

He knew I would find a way to use them, and I did. I also used them w/my wrestlers and football players.

The work required to carry and squat these tree logs was brutal but highly effective.

Holding the logs worked the upper body while the carries and squats powered up their legs.

If you get the chance to find a tree company doing some work, take advantage and find a way to get this log to your house!

Train like a Farm Boy!

--Zach Even - Esh--

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