Monday, November 19, 2007

The First One & It's Still On Fire

A few years back I released a DVD called 'Ancient Training Methods'.

Back then, I was seriously poor, and could not afford to buy tons of weights.

I made everything I could with minimal investment, other things did not cost me a dime.

I got tires for free, sandbags were very cheap, pushing my truck was a given, bodyweight training at playgrounds was free.

As you know by now, all of this crazy stuff worked.

It worked so well that I was getting orders from countries I seriously had never heard of!

A Football Coach in Ct. actually implemented the entire system into his current program for his team and they went 9 - 1 the next season!

It was crazy as he sent me pics of his players using tree logs, tires, sledge hammers and everything else he learned from this power packed DVD.

The crazy thing is, I thought that the wave of excitement would finally stop. I figured there were far and few guys like myself in garages, basements and back yards training, but then again, I guess I was wrong.

I recently sent a handful of freebees to our troops inIraq.

Back when I was in high school, I was completely sold on traditional bodybuilding methods, I was always looking for the pump and worried about feeling the muscle work.

This was not true strength training, certainly not the kind of stuff that builds titanic strength that crushes and dominates opponnents. That's ok, mistakes are learned from and now I'm passing that information on to others.

Complications are gone, concerns of getting a pump are gone, feeling the muscle is also gone. I still see guys training the way I used to train next door to me.

The USC Gymnasium is next door to a bodybuilding gym, and law enforcement personnel, athletes and everyone else is not training with the methods necessary to get them the strength of a speeding freight train.

The information is out there and yours for the taking if you decide to do so.

Other people prefer training three times as long as we do and only getting half the results. Sometimes you gotta let go of the Kool Aid!

In Strength,

Zach Even - Esh

P.S. - Discover the DVD that has sold around the world, in countries I've never heard of, with athletes, young and old, near and far.

It's all here: -->

Check out these testimonials.....

"Zach Even - Esh has done his homework on the old school ways of training that made champions in the first place.

His programs for strength are right on target with what true athletes need to build explosive power. Everyone is looking for new ways to train. I say, why re-invent the wheel?"

Pat Miletich

5 x UFC Champion


"Hey Zach!

Just a quick note. Love your Ancient Training DVD! I went to the tire yard and picked up some tires for dragging & flipping. Some of my guys were interested in what I was doing and what could be done with a small tire.

Well, after showing them some of the moves and the dragging variations they tried them. My strongest player did some of the rows and presses and he loved it. Others did the dragging and their legs were toast. Most of the guys love the grappler and strong man training that we learned from your Gladiator Training Manual more than normal weights.

Best thing is more guys are working out now on the team than ever before! I have some other players wanting to train this way now as well!"

Greg LaBelle / Football Coach / Ct.


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