Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tales of Arnold Schwarzenegger

I remember reading about Arnold training at a very primitive gym in Europe.

He was in a place that had less than optimal equipment, and by today's standards, people would cry if they saw this.

For me? I would be in heaven because I KNOW the power of old school basics.

Instead of the traditional incline benches for today's lazy ass, there was a bench like the one above, where you would lay back on the bench, body straight, legs straight.

So, before every set of incline benches, Arnold would have to power clean the weight up, lay back, perform the set up, and then somehow manage to get off the bench with the barbell in the rack position and still get down.

Arnold would end up performing barbell power cleans with 275 + lbs.

But, after a short time he saw the tremendous gains in strength and muscle that were added to his body.

Especially his shoulders, back and traps.

Stop thinking modern and start discovering the old school ways of training.

This is where the BIGGEST gains are made! See for yourself right here:

In strength,

Zach Even - Esh


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