Sunday, December 09, 2007

Feelin' like a Lumberjack

Those days of training in my back yard....

Actually, those are sometimes STILL THE DAYS!

I have my climbing rope there and a 70 lb. Kettlebell.

I have some smaller stones for pinch gripping and light shoulder work if I want some extra endurance work happening.

But, it's those first days in my back yard that are like when you got your first bike.

Do you remember your first bike? No matter how crappy your first bike was, you still had love for it!

I definitely miss my backyard, garage and playground training days.

I LOVE the USC Gymnasium, but, we all have our first love and we tend to learn the most from our first love.

For me, it proves that it always pays to work your ass off on the basics. It's always been that way and it will never change. Not now, not tomorrow, not in a million years.

The basics will always give you the biggest bang for your buck!

Check out one of my favorite back yard workouts from years ago:

Max Rounds in 15 Minutes:

1A) rope climb

1B) double kettlebell clean & press x 5

1C) log carry x 1 lap around yard

1D) sledge hammer swings x 20 (switch top hand at 10 reps)

This workout killed me the first time after only 1 round, but I kept pushing and pushing until I could go for 5 minutes, then 8, then 12 and finally 15 minutes.

The simple method of progressive overload...use it!

Train hard & train heavy!


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