Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My 1 and Only, plus 2 Videos

Yep, she's my one and only....

She's my daughter...

She's my everything....

She gives me strength...More strength than I ever had before!

My daughter is what motivates me into a whole new realm, for you, there is something else.

What that something else is, only YOU can decide.

Or, "it" will decide for you.

We all derive inner strength from somewhere or something else.

Dan Gable always wrestled as if his sister was watching over him. His sister was raped and murdered when he was a young boy. This drove him to ever greater heights of intensity, passion and dedication.

As a father, I believe, as you know for so long, I believe that ALL men should be STRONG, period! A weak man is NOT a man. He has allowed himself to fall apart and become weaker, when it can be totally different if he chooses to empower himself.

I know of no better way to do this than through hard, basic training. I talk about this endlessly at http://UndergroundStrengthCoach.com

To some people, they might get tired of this, but hey, if you want to get strong, go back to 1950 and prior and you will really find some colossal training information presented by men who walked the walk and knew exactly how to obtain strength that the majority of today's men only dream of!

Don't make me tell you about BIG George...again!!

Do you remember my story of trianing in my Dad's garage with a 300 lb barbell and a pair of 50 & 100 lb dumbbells? If not, then the fact is that I got bigger and stronger faster than ever before while shocking others about how AND where it all happened.

I guess that was the beginning of my Underground training.

Some people simply need a reminder of what to do, others need some hand holding.

I won't do either. I'll tell you straight up, stop being a p***y and start training heavy and hard, using barbells, dumbbells, stones, sandbags and bodyweight.

Pick 2 - 4 exercises each workout and kick the living daylights out of them!

Tell me what your results are in 4 weeks, and then again in 8 weeks.

I've seen it happen to EVERY athlete and individual I've trained and I'll see it in you.

Imagine how great it's going to be!

Being strong feels great, NOTHING better than getting stronger and stronger!

Here's some new vids of me getting STRONGER...

T Bar Rows with the bar fully loaded and incline thick pressing with 220 lbs.

Notice there are no isolation movements and Nothing is pretty.

Check the vids....

Now it's your turn to train heavy and hard. I do it, and I want YOU to do it.

There's no room or any excuse left for allowing yourself to be weak.

Strength is THE Key!



P.S. - I've been getting a lot of calls and e mails from Football Coaches. Looks like they want to improve upon their last season's record, and they are hearing that Underground is the way to go.

I like how fast they act. Football season ended 1 week ago, the majority of kids and teams wait until summer to get moving....that's a 7 month lay off.

The next set of dedicated wait until after the New Year!

The REALLY dedicated get going the next week and they go Underground!


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