Monday, December 03, 2007

The New Age "Strength Coach"

Looks to be like the New Age "Strength Coach" is more concerned with how wild and crazy their workouts are as opposed to results.

Are you doing things with agility ladders, cones, beams of light, special tubing, special cables, special machines and special everything?

I bet the athlete who climbs rope, performs handstand push ups, deadlifts, squats and the barbell clean and press will mash the athlete being trained "fancy shmancy".

Let's see some heavy turkish get ups, heavy deadlifts and endless pull ups, push ups and sled dragging.

I did some old school work today and man did it kick my ass big time.

Turkish get ups, dumbbell clean and press, dumbbell clean and jerk, dumbbell snatches, t bar rows and weighted pull ups.

Can you perform a turkish get up with a 70 lb kettlebell, how about an 88 lb kettlebell, or, change it up and use a heavy dumbbell.

These will rock your house but the strength you will be build will be the equivalnet of a foundation as solid as hardened cement.

Why do people avoid these tough exercises like the plague?

I'm tired of people complaining about how weak they are and still complaining about the basics.

The Underground methods have helped individuals and teams achieve strength like never before.

I've received countless e mails from Coaches who completely turned around their team from a losing record to a winning percentage of 80% and higher, all the way to undefeated.

Basics...train hard, train heavy or go home!


P.S. - I received an e mail from another Strength Coach who really was psyched on how we were training after watching our you tube videos.

He said that he would put money on my athletes any day over some of the "gurus" out there who are busy bashing strongmen and powerlifters and touting their special routines as numero uno.

You can stop the power and strength of The Underground. Get the power in your own hands at


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