Friday, December 21, 2007

Savin' the Day with a Truck Push

I used to push my truck A LOT through an empty school lot, as did my athletes.

Wow, that worked the legs and upper body big time!

It's been a while since I've done it, and w/winter here, my sled and prowler work is really at an all time low :(

But, Last night, I was leaving the mall LATE at night and I parked FAR away from civilization, as did a group of ladies. Looked to be Grandma, Mom and 3 of the girls.

Guess what? The good ol' Mini Van was NOT starting. I saw the girls and Mom trying to push the Van.

I said to them, "Where are you trying to push your van to?" They told me the van won't start and they wanted to get to the main parking lot...a good 150 yards away. I told them to ALL get in the van, put it in neutral and steer for me.

It was about 10: 30 at night so lucky for me the lot emptied a lot and I had a nice straight path to push them through. Those speed bumps didn't help much, but damn I got that van moving at a sweet pace and got them to the main lot, where security could easily find them and call for help. I waited till security came and man, that push had me breathing heavy and feeling the legs!

Maybe it's time to get back to my OLD roots and push my truck down at the school lot.

It's always special when you go back to your FIRST place where something began. There's certainly magic in the air, and I think this incidence happened for a reason.

I helped someone get home safely and feel safe. That's all that really counts in the end :)

Wishing you the most magical Christmas (or any holiday you celebrate) and New Year ever!

In strength,

Zach Even - Esh


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